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Multimedia Graphic Artist

I have been working in the graphic design field for over 20 years, at a variety of marketing and advertising agencies in the Greater Boston area and Rhode Island and currently as Virtual Ink Productions. I adapt my design skills to the individual client, product or company, which allows me to be a flexible and valuable asset to any project I take on. Simply put… I can easily conform to each individual’s needs rather than churning out a bunch of similar looking material across the board. If you have existing guidelines – I’m happy to work within them and hopefully make big improvements as well! If you need the guidance to achieve what's in your head, I will make it happen. Need ideas for a new direction? We'll find one!

With a strong a background in corporate design and polished production skills, I bring creative agency experience to every project. Staying at home with my two children has gained me the ability to take on a large variety of smaller projects. While very different from corporate design, these prove to be very rewarding experiences and allow me the opportunity to experiment with my creativity. My skillset goes beyond graphics to illustration, photography and photo retouching. Virtual Ink Productions was started in 2005 to provide professional design and graphics for print and web media for both large and small businesses or individual needs. 

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